Before it was pretty routine to self publish, I put together a book of poetry which I called 44 Pieces of Me. My wife had just died and I poured my heart into some of those poems. Her death followed a long struggle with bi-polar and addiction. I wanted to tell the story to my kids. That effort turned into a longer memoir which I called “The Imperfect Logic of the Heart.” From Amazon:

“Now in his 70’s, the author looks back at his life to explore the seeds of behavior that blurred distinctions between love, empathy, and codependency–behavior that would allow, his bipolar wife, in mental decline, to exploit “the imperfect logic of love.” The author’s journey includes a career in law and investment real estate with outrageous adventures along the way. The cast of characters include Barack Obama; Muhammad Ali, Robin Williams and the mysterious Black Label lady. You rarely hear a man’s perspective on a codependent relationship which makes this book particularly interesting.”

The book also addressed my issues of co-dependency and has actually been more widely read since I published it. One more book followed my frustration with seniors ignoring the most basic senior planning because they felt they didn’t have the resources for an attorney or not enough assets to warrant the effort. These books are still available on Amazon.