When I was a boy I lived in a very small community.  Everyone on my street knew their neighbor.   Everyone who supplied goods and services to the street, the milkman, the bread man, the policeman, knew the residents.  If you didn’t behave someone noticed and eventually the word travelled to your parents and they noticed.

We had great freedom to run and play but we knew we were being watched and would be held accountable to the collective neighborhood as well as our parents.

My parents friends were “Mr. and Mrs.”  If one of them said “Call me Joe”, my Dad still wanted me to say “Mr. Shapiro”.

We had country club dances where you wore a coat and tie.  I even remember dances where I bought flowers for my date.  We opened the car door for our date.  And she sat still until we did so.

When we were out in public we kept our voices down.

Although none of that seems “quaint” to me, I do recognize that in 2019 there are as Bill Maher says: NEW RULES.   I’m just not sure I know what they are.

Can you talk on a cell phone anywhere you want any time of the day as if no one else existed on the planet except you and the person you are talking to?

Can you tell another adult that their child is about to destroy your property?

Can you wear a tee shirt and jeans to a five star restaurant?

Just wondering.  I am a senior now and I don’t want to seem out of step.
Don’t we all want to still be “hip.” 
Can you still say hip?