I suppose I should start with:

Apologizing: for catching out of the corner of my eye, while aircraft bound, siting no more than an arm extended grasp away, a nymph with pore-less skin and hairless legs (with some medieval attachment to her navel plus another pulsing to her ear drums) and still wondering if there was a single opening remark that might engage her in a conversation knowing (full well) that “dialogue” with this stranger was by most rational standards pointless, …

For only grunting at the Jungle Jim Mommy Who is smiling at my total stranger self; Trying to coax arthritic knees to spot my grandchild’s climb; Chanting: “Go Granddad; go granddad. While I’m thinking: “Fuck you sister: Don’t you dare say: “You look good for your age.”

For hanging up on the cell phone call That wanted to sell me burial insurance Without even saying “no thank you”. There’s no trusting a company that probably bought Your phone number from a porno site and doesn’t know cremation is environmentally friendly.

Apologizing for not worrying about Hell or Heaven or religions worked out before they Figured the earth went around the sun and that Thunder and lightning were not comic book people.

For not forgiving all my dead friends and relatives (To a one) who have not taken the time to Contact me even once from the other parallel universe I’m told is now Their home.

For poo poo-ing retirement accounts and advanced investment formulae Sticking instead to basics and simple logic: Total money left plus pathetic government help equals gross to be Divided by minimum monthly expenses to calculate allowable Life span. Include reserve for pistol.

And then: For no longer monitoring the red and blue Politico team players playing in a rigged system; Play calling on cable TV ( pick fox or msnbc) Brought to you by America for Rent. Check your listings.

And finally: to my mirror for enduring my Daily insults and for that matter the scale which Cannot seem to get it right;

I forgot to apologize for not caring whether you Accept my apology.