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I started this blog when I turned 65. At that time, I truly was a reluctant senior. Now that I am in my 75th year I have become wiser and work hard to get the most out of my life. I am not as reluctant to be a senior. But this is what I wrote ten years ago:

I don’t like to join clubs.

I didn’t want to join this one.

But reluctantly, I became a member.

There was no form to fill out, no dues to pay and no selection committee to assess my credentials. The only achievement required was to be born in 1944 or earlier. Not an AARP member (the pretend Senior at 50) but the real deal Medicare Member age 65.

This reluctant Senior found himself forced to consider things he had put off for more immediate issues. Suddenly there was no more procrastination. It was time to take stock of the past and consider, however reluctantly, the future.I want to share this adventure, if you are interested.

This is a blog about aging and acquiring wisdom.It’s about the contrast between the reflection we see in the mirror and our own self-image. It’s about not being ready to be called a Senior. And it’s about much more. I thought I’d call this “rage against the dying of the light “from the Dylan poem.But it’s not about fighting death.It’s about fighting labels.Those imposed by society and imposed by ourselves.

It’s about what society is telling us to think and feel, juxtaposed to what I think we really feel.

It’s about what we think but are afraid to say.

It’s about what we don’t feel and are afraid to admit.

I hope to explore this with you in a dialogue that addresses: work, sex, health, government and religion in no special order. I have opinions about most everything as I know you do and will share many of them here. Hopefully this is about a dialogue with you.  

As you will discover from this blog a lot has happened in the last ten years You can check it all out in the categories under posts. I put my thoughts in the post category under the heading “ramblings.”   But you should check out travel, podcasts, art and the other categories and some of my publications.

There is nothing to sell here and no one to convert.This is simply a place to share ideas.

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